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5 things to know about the TJV Pet-Pal Care Plan?

  1. This is a Care Plan that is designed specifically for the needs of your Pet-Pal.

  2. Being part of the Pet-Pal Care Plan is unlike buying pet insurance. The Pet-Pal Care Plan allows you to play an active role in the discussion of your Pet-Pal’s health concerns and in making decisions to ensure the most appropriate medical care is provided for it. The Care Plan is one that will motivate you to ensure your Pet-Pal receives the required medical care to stay healthy and happy.

  3. All you need to do is to make an appointment with us and our vets will conduct a thorough physical examination and diagnostic assessment to ascertain the health status of your Pet-Pal.

  4. After doing so, your vet in charge will streamline a series of check-ups, preventive medicines including vaccinations and parasite controls, specific treatments and dietary plans according to your Pet-Pal’s health condition.

  5. This Care Plan is catered for one whole year hence it brings you assurance that your Pet-Pal’s health is being taken care of for the next 12 months.

    Make an appointment to see our veterinarians to start playing an active part in providing the medical care your Pet-Pal deserves!
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